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Three Ways to Get Personal Training Clients

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The question is, is it difficult to get personal training clients? It should not be because the number of hours a trainer puts in to train a number of clients in a fixed period of time make for a pretty good income compared to other businesses.

Some tips on how to succeed in the fitness business are given below:

  1. You need to do your best at the job and when successful ensure that your expertise is talked about. You are your own advertisement. Besides fitness marketing you should build a good relationship with the client. You also have to keep abreast with the latest in fitness training so that your services reflect your knowledge and skills.Personal Training Clients
  2. Once you have established your skills through word of mouth future clients will flock to benefit from your training.
  3. As and when you learn of new solutions in the training business you should share the same with your clients. People are always looking for better and more effective ways to succeed in fitness training.

Most clients really do not know what expert fitness training is – or is not, when they sign on. It is a case of perception and if you show the right expertise and skill required in fitness marketing it will make all the difference to selling your services.

Once a client is captured by your knowledge and training skills, you can be sure you will be talked about in a positive manner. In general people love to boast that the services they are using fall in the best category. So take heed of the tips mentioned above if you are looking to get personal training clients and build up not only your name, but also your business. Keep in mind that skills in personal training are arbitrary.

10 Reasons You Should Workout Today

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You should follow a simple fitness regimen for good health. If you do not know how to go about it, you may hire a qualified Bondi trainer who would teach you the basics, inspire you and help you stay motivated. An experienced personal trainer would be able to assess your current levels of fitness and then chalk out a customized fitness program. If you are not motivated from within and wondering why you should workout today, here are a multiple reasons that should act as an eye-opener for you.

Bondi trainer


  1. 1. Because it makes you feel happy. You would feel simply awesome after you have a workout session. It would give you immense satisfaction. Studies reveal that there is a direct connection between feel-good hormones and exercises. Many studies suggest that when you indulge in high-intensity workouts, they help to modulate your brain in a similar fashion as cocaine use. Exercise today to feel exhilarated and fulfilled.
  2. Because Exercises help you get a better life. You feel much leaner, stronger and confident if you are fit and healthy. Training helps to make you well-equipped and develops your abilities. If you start lifting something heavier each day, eventually you become stronger, if you run a little bit faster each day, you eventually become smarter in running. A more fit and capable body makes for a better, easier and well-managed life.
  3. Because you wish to achieve goals and become a winner in life. Once you start achieving goals and targets while working out, you learn to win even outside the gym, in every walk of life. Once you learn that targets can be reached through dedication and hard work, you would apply this positive attitude to life in general.
  4. Because exercising is the best way to jump-start your metabolism. It also, helps the metabolic rate to remain elevated even for hours after a thorough workout session. Exercising would help torch more calories.
  5. Because exercising would help you gain more energy. If the weather is depressing or if you are feeling tired, it is time to hit the gym. Exercising helps in releasing hormones and endorphins that give you an energy booster that would last you all day.
  6. Because exercises enhance mental awareness. A good workout session helps you to become more alert and enhances your mental acuity. This is because the oxygen-rich blood is said to rush into the brain after an intense workout session.
  7. Because exercising helps to manage your appetite well. A good exercise session in the morning usually helps to regulate your appetite for the entire day. It is an accepted fact that intense activity releases endorphins that help to diminish appetite. You tend to eat less and choose wiser portions and healthier foods. As you do not experience acute dips in energy levels, you will avoid binge eating.
  8. Because exercising helps to clear your mind. Exercising helps to put you in a healthier and positive frame of mind. After a morning session of workout you begin your day with a brand new perspective and get rid of previous day’s stresses.
  9. Because Exercising helps you to sleep better. You would experience quality sleep and better sleep patterns. This is necessary as proper rest is necessary to improve your cardio or to build mass.
  10. Because exercising teaches you to lead a more disciplined life. Getting up early morning for a workout session or sticking to workout schedules requires a lot of determination and discipline. This attitude influences other areas of life as well. So start exercising today and get in touch with a reliable and certified Bondi trainer.

Staying Fit this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is round the corner. It is during the holiday season and family get-togethers that those who are most worried about their overall body and fitness get tensed. Holiday time is the time to binge on different kinds of delicacies. You can’t expect not to put on a few kilos here and there during the festive season. The best thing is to try and adapt a fitness regime to fit into the holiday season. You can always ask your Bondi Beach personal trainer for one. There are various ways in which you can try and stay fit during the holidays. Here are some tips below,

Use Your Mornings

You will probably have late nights during the festive season. When you are with family it is customary to spend hours talking and bonding. What you can do in order to stay fit is use the early morning hours to get some exercise in, because the evenings and nights may be out of the question. Wake up half an hour earlier than you usually do during the holidays and go for a quick walk or jog. Even that much exercise will help you to maintain your overall fitness and body. You can get back to your normal exercise routine after the holiday season. Ask your Bondi Beach personal trainer for a few exercises to follow in the mornings.

Bondi Beach personal trainer

Stay Active

It won’t be easy to avoid high calorie foods during the holiday season. It will be better to find other ways to stay fit! One way is to stay active. Even if you are going to eat a lot, don’t sit around and let the calories pile on! Go out there and do some chores to stay fit! You can shovel snow; do some handiwork, anything at all to keep moving. Any activity will help you lose calories. Though it is not the same as exercising, it’s something.

Skip a Meal

It’s not easy to watch what you eat during the holidays. But you can try to skip a meal and eat fruits for one time of the day instead. This will be hard too because your companions will be gorging on the best of delicacies available. Try to test this method out for a day. If it doesn’t work, go for a jog!

Keep the Drink Count Low

During a celebration, it is normal to have one drink too many. Drinks too have a high calorie count. It might help if you keep the drink count low. Instead, eat solid foods. Or have drinks that aid in digestion, those like wine. Supplement with fruit juices if you must in order not to put on too much weight during the holiday season.

Don’t Snack

A lot of times, you tend to put on weight not because of the larger meals you eat during the holiday season, but due to the in-between snacking. Eat your meals on time and avoid the in-between snacks. It is these snacks that will boost your calorie count. Or, if you have too many snacks at some point, eat less during the next meal. These are some basic tips to try and help you stay fit during the holiday season. Your Bondi Beach personal trainer will be able to give you more tips.

Is a Fitness Boot Camp Right for You?

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You must know what a boot camp Gold Coast entails before you decide to join it. You must understand every aspect of a boot camp and find out if it is right for you. You must realize that a boot camp involves high intensity fitness training as it aims at building your endurance and strength. You can expect Boot Camp workouts to be a usual mix of aerobic elements and strength training. You can expect interval training at boot camps as there would be spurts of intense workout followed by intervals of lighter activities.


What Do You Gain from Boot Camps

Boot camps are actually far more economical than personal training and they offer more group support and camaraderie. You can also expect flexible time slots. You can get a complete-body workout. You could expect military style drills or calisthenics or combination of both. Some boot camps integrate moves from martial arts too. Boot camps are gaining huge popularity as they offer a wide variety of workouts and the fitness regimen promises to be pretty challenging.

Boot Camp Gold Coast


Are Fitness Workouts at Boot Camps Suitable for One and All?

Strict fitness regimen followed at boot camps attract people who are looking for strenuous and intense workouts. These vigorous workouts generally involve ballistic, rapid movements could prove to be pretty much challenging for you if you are not fit and in shape. If you have a solid background in aerobic and strength training you are probably the right candidate for enrolling in boot camps.

However, before joining, you must find out if there are any specific prerequisites and also, exactly how the fitness programs are structured. This will help you evaluate if the programs are suitable for you or not. It is always advisable to consult a doctor and take his advice if you are above 40 years of age or if you are pregnant or if you have not been exercising for quite some time. Always make it a point to inform your instructor about any unique requirements, injuries or health issues.


Do You Get Positive Outcomes from Boot Camps?

The advocates of Boot camps insist that the vigorous workouts are very effective in enhancing overall strength and endurance. Moreover, the program has been designed to torch more calories thanks to the high intensity cardio exercises, strength exercises and interval training.

Generally well thought out and structured fitness programs in boot camps generally yield positive results. A typical well-structured fitness program should include a minimum of 75 minutes session of rapid aerobic activities or 150 minutes session of moderate aerobic workouts every week. Strength training workouts should be incorporated minimum twice each week.

To find out more details about boot camp classes visit


Have You Checked All Relevant Details?

Thanks to the boom in the boot camp scenario, you have a plethora of boot camps to choose from. Explore the local gyms and fitness centers if you wish to know the options open to you. Boot camps are completely trainer-oriented. Check out the credentials or the paper qualifications of the trainer and whether he has taken the trouble to earn the requisite continuing education credits to keep his certification valid. Talk to those who have the experience of attending this class before and verify is this class is suitable for you or not.



How to Become a Personal Trainer?

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Over the last few decades, fitness training has become really popular and personal fitness trainers are in great demand all around. The profession offers good career growth opportunities and handsome earnings if you can complete all the relevant Uk personal training course and advertise yourself well. There are plenty of premier institutes where you can enrol for your education and training and most of these places also offer placement assistance to set you on your path. While all this seems simple enough, you might still want to consider first if this profession is the right job for you.

Do you have it in you to become a Personal Trainer?

As in any other profession, you must have the right attitude and approach in order to succeed as a personal trainer. Do remember that you can do well in this profession only if you have a real knack for fitness training. The profession demands complete physical and mental involvement and you will not enjoy your job if you don’t love being involved with fitness throughout the day.

Second, you must be compassionate towards the needs of others and possess a genuine desire to help them improve their lifestyle. You should be both a good listener and communicator so that you clients trust you and confide in you. Patience and an ability to inspire others are other traits that will come in handy.

Uk personal training course

Get your Certificates

Most gyms, fitness centres and clients will want trainers who have the right qualifications and certificates as these indicate that you have completed all the required personal trainer courses including Epti level 2 fitness instructor. Most premier institutes offer courses that teach you the basics of personal training along with a specialization for the final certification.

Specialization is important if you want to project yourself as an expert in a certain category. Training includes both theory and practical classes with guidelines on how to start your own fitness business. You can join any such institute once you are above 18 years of age and have completed your schooling. Many institutes also offer e-campus facilities for distant students so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Find a Job or Start your Own Enterprise

Once you are through with your Uk personal training course and have got the certificates, it’s time to launch your career. You may begin by searching for employment at the local gym or fitness centre to get some first-hand experience. As a rookie, you can learn a lot about how seasoned trainers approach and handle different clients in such a group environment. As you gain in expertise, you may approach corporate houses and individuals in order to expand your client base.

Or else you may also start your own fitness club and be you own boss. Having your own business has its advantages but you must be financially strong enough to tide over tough times initially. However, Uk personal training course teach you a lot about how to start your own fitness centre and expand it successfully so this knowledge should come in handy.

Irrespective of what you finally decide, do remember that you will have to socialize a lot and pay special attention to your own personality and lifestyle if you want to spread your name far and wide.