We're moving, changing and growing

Friends, there are changes - exciting ones  - and I'd love you to be a part of them.

You may have noticed a few changes around my blog recently – this is to officially inform you of the exciting changes that have been (and still are) happening.

After over three years as a purely ‘food blog’ I have now expanded and become A Gorgeous Life (www.agorgeouslife.co.za). It has become the natural growth path of three years of hard work and will allow me to include non-food items and products I also love – including health, beauty, home and décor – all categories that I will now also focus on growing.

Food, recipes and travel / accommodation / restaurant reviews will still remain prime focus at this stage, until the other categories have grown to match them.

Your support has always been greatly appreciated and I hope you will follow me on this exciting new journey. Please note that this blog will soon be deleted - so make the move before it's too late.

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Recipe : Chewy, Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

Do you see the dense, fudgy base? The crackled top? The oozing chocolate on the side? This, my friends, is brownie heaven. Perhaps even more important than that, these are the brownies that convinced my now-husband that dating me would be a very good idea. After a few months of 'unofficial' nonsense, the smell of these coming out of the oven convinced my lovely man to take the plunge into girlfriend-boyfriend territory. That was almost four years ago. Dating, an engagement, a wedding and now, almost an anniversary later.

I tell you, these brownies have magical powers.

Recipe : Roast Duck

Duck was always going to be the centerpiece of our Christmas feast. When we saw it on special at Checkers in November, we immediately gobbled one up to keep in the freezer. This then gave me over  a month to find the perfect roast duck recipe. The first one I found instructed me to roast the duck for four hours. Now, I'm fairly new to the world of duck roasting, but this seemed a little excessive.

After a little more help from Google, I came across this method from Jamie Oliver. A simple 2 hour roast, turning the bird once. Quicker and a less-electricity-consuming method, I was sold. Let's be honest, do you really need an excuse to spend more time in a hot kitchen that necessary?

Recipe : Smoked Salmon with Wasabi Creme Fraiche

 This was our starter on Christmas Day. One day I'll be one of those bloggers who post Christmas recipes before 25 December, but 2013 is not that year. Fingers crossed for 2014.

After years of complete over-indulgence, we wanted to keep our Christmas meal small. Special, but small. This is a fairly light starter - the wasabi does wonders for your tastebuds, while the salmon is cool and light. Topped with a few greens, it can be made in minutes - perfect for a season which seems determined to make you spend as much time in the kitchen as possible

This is hardly a recipe and more a combination of ingredients. We bought thick, sashimi style cold smoked salmon from Woolworths -and worked on 100g a person - a little too generous we found, but yet managed to polish it all off. 

The dressing is a combination of creme fraiche, wasabi and salt to taste. I used 250g creme fraiche and 1 tbsp wasabi, but this is very much to taste. I simply arrange the salmon on a plate, drizzled with the wasabi creme fraiche and a few micro greens. Done in 5 minutes.

This was followed by :

Roast duck with plum sauce
Roast potatoes
A warm Brussel sprout salad

Bitter chocolate meringue tart
Christmas cake ice cream

Recipe for the rest of the meal to follow soon - but I hope you enjoy this one in the mean time. If you increase the 'salad' portion of this or serve a fresh sourdough on the side, it can easily become a quick lunch or lazy summer dinner.

Review : The Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch

A few weeks ago, we packed our picnic, tucked our blanket under our arms and headed off to Kirstenbosch for a night under the stars with Harry Potter. I heard about The Galileo fairly recently and it sounded, well, heavenly.

An open air cinema that allows you to enjoy the classics in three beautiful locations - Kirstenbosch Gardens, The Waterfront or Hillcrest - while munching on your favourite picnic treats and (bottle of?) wine. It sounded a little too good to be true - so I admit to being a little bit of a skeptic before we arrived.